Vision Statement

Excellence and Equity for All Children in a Christian Context

The London Diocesan Board for Schools Academies Trust Excellence and Equity for All Children in a Christian Context Education is inevitably a process of change; it is self-evident that no child starting school will be the same when they leave. What is important is that the change is for the good and that the guiding principles of that change are based on sound educational, moral and Christian precepts. The Bible (John 10.10) quotes Jesus saying ‘I have come that they may have life and may have it in all its fullness’ and that is what the change should achieve; the fullest possible life.

To achieve that state children must be highly literate and numerate so that they can access all that the world has to offer. They must be able to confidently and competently use technology to help them on that journey. Life’s fullness also requires each child to know about the world and its history, to be able to appreciate and create art and music in their many forms and to have fit, active minds and bodies.

A person who can truly be described as educated does not just have a vast bank of knowledge; they have the ability to use that knowledge for their own good and for the good of humanity. The development of a strong spiritual and moral framework based on Christian values is an essential part of the education that will be on offer.

The two great commandments given by Jesus will underwrite the life of each school; they are to ‘love God’ and to ‘love your neighbour as yourself’. Both of these instructions should be evident in the whole life of the school, in the relationships between all members of the school community, pupils, staff and parents and also in the management of behaviour. It is for the same reason that we want the schools to be inclusive and, as well as working with the parish church, also serve their local community by welcoming those of all faiths and none, nourishing and cherishing every child.

There should be explicit evidence of fulfilment in the daily worship of the school but also in high quality Religious Education where children will learn about Christianity and other world religions so that they can understand other people’s points of view and learn to live in harmony with those about them.

Every child is unique and precious and must be given the chance to flower in a healthy, safe and secure environment and have their individual skills, talents and spiritual development nourished so that they bloom and prosper, enriched by life-long learning and service to others which will offer each one the opportunity to experience life in all its fullness.


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