Each school will have its own Local Academies Committee (LAC), consisting of 9 people:

•The Head teacher

•2 elected parents

•1 elected member of staff

•5 other governors who may be nominated by the school

 All governors are appointed by the LAT directors.

 The Chair will normally be drawn from amongst the Local Academies Committee and appointed by the directors.

 Every LAC receives a Schemes of Delegation from the Board, with details of what has been delegated from the trustees to local academies committee. The Scheme of Delegation is reviewed annually by the Board. The amount of delegation depends of the efficiency of the school.

Each LAC sets up committees to cover issues relating to:

  • school improvement
  • pupil support
  • finance and resource

The LAC will be responsible for the admission criteria of the school. However the LAT expects that the criteria will be based on distance so that the school continues to serve its local community.

 Religious Education and Collective Worship will also be the responsibility of the Local Academies Committee and does not need to change unless they wish that to happen or the school is failing to meet legal requirements.

 We are sometimes asked to name the Christian values that we think are important. The list below is not exhaustive but is one that schools have found helpful. 

Reverence, Thankfulness, Humility, Endurance, Service, Trust, Peace, Forgiveness, Friendship, Justice, Hope, Creation, Koinonia (Partnership,)



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